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Unique Items

To buy unique pieces is to buy a piece of the artist: His passion put in the execution of the object, his hours of reflexion, his dexterity... It is a committed, ethical act, which encourages a responsible and direct economy.

Tailored advice

Whether it is to help you see clearly in a project, to confirm a choice or when you have no idea about the layout of your interior, our advisers are there to accompany you throughout your project.

For the whole Family

Every week our shop receive new products. Some are only on sale for a limited period of time.

For the whole Family

Every week our shop receive new products. Some are only on sale for a limited period of time.

We are Pro Steel.

A European high-end steel merchant located in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Pro Steel is using industrial styles from the early 20th century and incorporates them in modern-day purposes. If you're interested in enriching your home or business with a robust yet elegant look, you're in the right place!

Our strong and reliable steel, fitted with safety glass, is not only low-maintenance but also breathes character into your home or business, making it a bold choice for renovations as well as new construction projects.

We are focused on delivering the BEST QUALITY INDUSTRIAL STEEL DOORS & WINDOWS

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Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.

Why us?

Here they are 3 main reasons:

Fair Play

 We are honest and solid. If there is anything going on you need to know about, you will hear from us. 

Professional Customer Care

Do you have any questions? Something is not clear?

We are here for you, just let us know how we can help!

Keep it clean

We understand your home is your sacred space. Our team is always cleaning after themselves after the job is done. 

Best service?

ProSteel's service.

High-Quality Product

Our Steel Doors are handmade.

Thanks to that, we can guarantee the highest quality and precise products production.

Professional Assembly Team

Our team members are in the construction business for many years. Our knowledge is extremely wide and thanks to that we can solve any challenge.

Full cost transparency

No hidden costs, no "extras" after the deal, no more unpleasant surprises. We respect people and only modify offers on customers' wishes.

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